Predators in Peril
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Predators in Peril
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Duration 51 minutes This program follows the predators of Mala Mala and the problems they have to go through every day, South Africa, Mala Mala, male lion brothers, Scar and Tyson, CGI of Mala Mala, lions lie down on rocky outcrop, lioness and cubs, pride, Shera, cubs playing, leopard female walks through grass, Lila, leopard climbs tree and lies down, male leopard, Khubala, Drifter, younger male, leopards fight at night on tree, Hyaena matriarch, Shadow, Spit Rock, sun rise clouds timelapse, plant wilts and dies timelapse, Giraffes at small pool, young lions, scenic sunset, lions fight for food scraps, chameleon flicks tongue, catches and eats grasshopper, gazelle, vulture, lion pride resting, buffalo herd, buffaloes watched by lions, hunt, buffalo flee, male lion roaring, barren landscape, hyaena pack, Hyenas mating, courtship, lioness carries cub in mouth, baboons, impala, baboon alarm call, bush fire, squirrel, orange skies, flames at night from bush fire, leopard investigates scent at night, hare killed by male, younger leopard snatches hare from older leopard, Hyaena and leopard fight over kill, lion pride follows buffalo herd at night, lionesses try to bring down bull buffalo, sunrise over smoky landscape, bovine tuberculosis, buffaloes roll in mud, hornbill, baboons search for water, vultures soar overhead, vultures feed on buffalo carcass, lionesses feed on carcass, lions join in, older lions chase younger pair, scent marking, timelapse barren land, leopard males fight, one loses balance and falls from tree, lioness calls for cubs, elephant herd, storm clouds brewing timelapse, owl and moon in BG, lionesses chased off kill by lions, moon crater, lightning and thunder, rain, savannah, bee eater, springbok, male elephants fight, leopards mating, courtship, in grass, bite, kingfisher, elephant young roll in sand, birds bathing in shallow pool, lioness with bloody tail, injured, lion kills buffalo calf, buffalo chase lions off dead calf, lion cub joins in for feast, dying lion roars, male leopard with kill on tree, injured lioness surrounded by hyaenas eat together, sick starving lion drinks water at pool, dying lion, leopard on tree, hyaenas underneath, Rhinoceros chases hyaenas, leopard flees from hyaenas by jumping off tree, hyena
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