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Love Market in the Clouds
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Love Market in the Clouds
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Dur 23 mins, 34 secs, in 2 parts. Imagine a place where for one day a year rules of marriage, fidelity and society are thrown out the window. This concept is explored in this documentary set in the rugged hills of Northern Vietnam, where a festival sanctioning illicit passion is a reality. Woman using cell phone, GVs Hanoi, timelapse traffic, busy roads, singers, performers, singing, performing, vehicle travelling in hilly Northern Vietnam, people working on road, Hmong people, children, gardening, hoeing, steep hills and mountains, baby suckling, timelapse clouds, woman grinding flour, grindstones, sunset behind mountains, Hmong men drinking, modern dancing, heating water over fire, washing clothes in stream, children washing in stream, goats, woman spinning fibre, woman weaving with loom, carrying fire wood, smoking wooden pipe, men picking leaves, woman singing traditional love song, village people walking up steep hillside, outdoor market, people putting on headscarves, bright coloured clothing, food stalls, cooking, eating, clothes stall, horses, playing traditional bamboo pipes, talking, drinking maize alcohol, couples, raining, umbrella, man playing leaf horn, holding hands, flirtation, dawn above mountains, man carrying plough, steam rising, low clouds, National Geographic
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