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Samurai Spiders
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Samurai Spiders
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Dur 47 mins. 4 segments: Seg. 1: 9:08, Seg. 2: 14:12, Seg. 3: 15:40, Seg. 4: 08:00. A Tokyo spider breeder takes on the Kajiki experts at the Kumo Gassen, the world's largest (and only) spider fighting event. Establishers various street scenes in Tokyo, tall buildings, people, Japanese pop fashion, spider fashion accessories, large spider sculpture, interviews, Tokyo apartment building, Japanese family at table, eating noodles, chopsticks, tarantulas, child with tarantula, outdoor spider cages, Black and yellow argiope spider, Samurai spider, Kogane kumo, feeding Samurai spider, spider capturing cricket, spider wrapping cricket in silk, female samurai spider, catching bug in web, wrapping bug in silk, orb web, stabilimenta, cricket struggling in web, Samurai spider biting cricket, paralysing prey, butterfly nets, people hunting for spiders, catching spiders, Bushido training, man with wooden stick hitting poles, boys hitting sticks, yelling, establishers town of Kajiki, Japanese tea ceremony, men watching samurai spiders fighting inside, fighting spider trainers, old man with samurai spiders, interior pet store, exotic pets, frog, lizard, large millipede, geisha, tatami room, geisha writing with calligraphy brush, opening box with spider web inside, samurai spider extruding web silk, building web, people feeding silkworms, silkworms eating green leaves, silkworm cocoons, CU inside silkworm cocoon, geisha with mirror, loom, woman using loom, weaving silk, re-creation samurai warriors watching spider fighting, warriors fighting on beach, children watching spider fighting, rice paddy, planting rice, yellow butterfly, steam, thermal pools, spider courtship, female spider attacking and maiming male, man measuring spider, sumo wrestlers, man saying goodbye to family, departure, timelapse Tokyo at night, moonrise, full moon, Kumo Gassen, spider fighting event, spectators, spiders fighting on pole, commentator, microphone, binoculars, cameras, journalists, scoreboard, men crying, prizes being awarded, timelapse rising sun, men releasing spiders, spider egg sac, baby spiders, spiderlings, eagle flying, baby spider taking off, National Geographic
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