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Feast of Predators
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Feast of Predators
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Duration 51 minutes This program follows the life of marine predators such as the Cape Fur Seal, Common Dolphin, Great White Shark, Dusky Shark, Bottle nosed Dolphin centred around sardine migration. waves, Indian ocean, Cape fur seals,bull seal feeding on fish, winter aerial cliff, sea, shoals of fish, sardine run, , Common dolphins porpoising and feeding, underwater, feeding frenzy, gannets, cape aerials, kelp forest, Great White Shark, shark straight camera, shark kills seal sequence, bull seal reaches land, female cape fur seal gives birth, labour, pup, suckling, new born, gulls scavenging on afterbirth, sun set, sea birds, seabirds, breeding colony, gannet colony, cormorants, chicks, regurgitation, bull seal prepares to mate, cape fur seals mating, waves crashing onto craggy shore, female seals porpoising, CGI sardine habitat, sardine egg laying development hatching, seals catch and eat sardines, seal pups romping, sky point, sunset clouds, silhouette waves, female throw pup around, moon down, early morning, summer, female seal calling for pup, mother young reunion, timelapse clouds and blue skies, swimming lessons, timelapse sunset, gannet silhouette, young seal fighting, swimming around, fledgling, young seals attack and kill gannet fledgling, autumn, sharks feed on whale carcass floating on sea surface, blubber, shark teeth, gills, seals surf on wave, timelapse clouds billowing, storm, sardine mass migration, common dolphins and copper sharks follows sardine, shark attacks seal, pod of dolphins, bait ball, gannets dive, dark clouds, aerial water currents, bottle nose dolphins, dusky shark, dead gannet, sonar, baitball
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