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The Living Edens: Denali - Alaska's Ancient Wilderness
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The Living Edens: Denali - Alaska's Ancient Wilderness
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. One of 25 episodes. Duration 53 minutes 27 seconds. This documentary follows the life of animals of Denali National Park from one winter to the next, Denali Mountain, snow covered, Wolf howling, Full moon, Wolf pack, wolves snarling, feeding on moose carcass, Arctic Ground Squirrel hibernation, awakens out of hibernation, cold air blows across land, Grizzly bear hibernates underground, newborn bear cubs suckling, snuggling, wood frog frozen, moose rus across desolate snowy land, Caribou herd, Caribou carcass, long tailed weasel on moose carcass, clouds over snowy landscape, Mount Denali in distance behind snow covered land, Arctic Ground Squirrel moves outside burrow, Carol McIntyre on dog sled, Golden Eagle soars, Clouds swirl over mountains, Caribou grazing, snow and ice thawing, Frozen wood frog defrosts, emerges outside ground, clouds over green landscape, spring, Beavers swim on lake surface, young moose, Moose gives birth, new born, adult moose chases adolescent moose, feet stamping, Arctic Ground squirrel feeding, Grizzly bear and cubs digging ground, Golden Eagle nest, feeding chick, lost bear cub, owlet, lamb, ptarmigan, willow grouse, swallow tail butterfly, Grizzly bear courtship, Gray Wolf stalking young moose protected by mother, moose, moose and calf crossing stream, Red Fox, Wolf crossing stream, Grizzly bear kills and eats moose calf, Young Ground Squirrels, Mosquito Larvae, mosquitoes trouble Caribou, Golden Eagle shelters chick from rain, Rainbow, Moose antler skin comes off, Fox catches Ground Squirrel, first snowfall, National Geographic
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