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The Living Edens Patagonia, Life at the End of the Earth
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The Living Edens Patagonia, Life at the End of the Earth
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions, One of 25 episodes. Duration 53 minutes 17 seconds, This documentary follows the animals who have evolved to withstand the extreme conditions of Patagonia, Condor, Bird of prey, snow clad mountains, mist, Guanaco, wind off Lake Pehoe, Fox, Mountain Lion, Torres Del Paine, Torrent Duck dives into water, Bull Southern Elephant Seal fierce fight, small female elephant seals visible around males, Female elephant seal gives birth, pup follows mother to sea, Elephant Seals mating, sand blowing on beach, Snow mountains, patches of blue water, Guanaco chewing, crossing shallow water, dust bathing Guanaco, males chasing each other, lame Guanaco limping, Condor soaring, Mountain lion silhouette, timelapse sun sets on snow mountains, Condors feeding at carcass, pecking order, Fox feeding on carcass, Caracara, Guanaco giving birth, newborn getting to feet, suckling, Chulengo, sun over glacier, giant pieces of ice breaks and splashes into water from glacier, calving, timelapse over glacier, Glacier Calving, Magellanic Penguin colony, Jackass Penguin, nest digging, Magellanic Penguin calling, females returning from sea, courtship, mating, males fighting, bloody, Southern Right Whale, underwater, mother and calf Southern Right whale, timelapse on coast, Magellanic Penguin with chicks, Skua, white lava boiling from volcano, steam rising, caldera, fossils, ants take food into nest underground, dust storm, dust funnel, Flamingo flock, oasis, waterfall, migratory birds, ducks, swan, Southern Sea Lion, pups, males fight, trample pups, adolescent males attack pup which hides behind big male, Sea lions underwater, surfing and feeding, Orca close to shore, Killer Whale grabs sea lion pup from shore, Magellanic Penguins return to sea, National Geographic
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