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Lions of Crocodile River
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Lions of Crocodile River
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Duration 50 minutes This program follows the trials and tribulations of a pride of lions living next to a river infested with crocodiles, Lion at river bank, hippo in water in BG, lioness, timelapse clouds, giraffe, African elephant, zebra, oxbow lake, lagoons, crocodile, wildebeest, impala, gazelle, dry river bed, scent marking, sunset, lionesses, lioness stalking Puku antelope, sundown, night vision, antelope hunt, drying river bed, timelapse clouds, mock fighting, crocodiles in river, oestrus, courtship, mating, lion follows lioness and mates, storm, lightning, clouds, river fills up, hipoopotamus, new born lion cubs, clouds billowing timelapse, crocodile eyes above water, lioness swims across river, lioness carries cub in mouth, lion cubs playing, cub stalks piece of dove and piece of wood, cubs intrigued by male lion, cub playing with tail of male lion, cubs fighting, lion carries dead impala, lioness plays with lion, lioness calls for cubs, cub stuck up tree, mother lioness pulls cub down from tree, cubs watch fowl, fight, lioness and cubs drink at pool, crocodile suddenly splashes, scared cubs flee, unsuccessful crocodile swims away, moon timelapse past tree stump, lioness downs prey, cub close to water, owl at night, sand bank, bright sun, lionesses kill antelope, cubs play with live prey, lionesses return with cubs, buffalo walking to river, lions lie in wait, foiled attempt, herd of buffalo at sunset, lion and lionesses hunt buffalo, cubs taste meat for the first time, lioness hides kill from vultures, rival lion roars as he enters new territory, intruder lion attacked by lionesses and chased away, crocodiles around lioness
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