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Hidden Worlds: Sand Between the Toes
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Hidden Worlds: Sand Between the Toes
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Duration 26 mins 18 secs. Looks at how animals living in sandy environments survive. Aerials desert, sand dunes, wind blowing sand, sand, Namib desert, sidewinder snake, fringe-toed lizard, camel feet, camels, waves, beach, coastal rocks, soldier crabs, eating, burrowing, aerial over sand banks in river, slomo butterflies flying and landing on sand banks, ECU butterfly proboscis, sand grains, sun, animal bones, skeleton, footprints, desert beetles, desert beetles mating throng, grass seeds, black beetles, spider, sand digger wasp, wasp burying paralysed spider, rocky desert landscape, sand grouse, nest, camouflage, waterhole, sand grouse drinking, absorbing water in feathers, sand grouse chicks, Kalahari, meerkats, burrow, baby meerkats, meerkat digging, ant lion, ant lion creating sand trap, ant lion jaws, ant falling in trap, sunset, palmato gecko, golden mole, legless lizard, golden mole catching legless lizard, predation, dawn, sunrise, mist, condensation, water droplets on plants, black beetle standing on its head, Kaokoveld desert, ghost crabs, ghost crabs digging, crabs fighting, cockle shell, nematode worm, Meiofauna, Turbellarian, Polychaete Worm, Ostracod, mite, Copepod, New Jersey beach, horseshoe crabs, flock of seagulls, shorebirds eating horseshoe crab eggs, full moon, grunion fish, grunian fish spawning on beach, red-headed turtle, Rio Negro river, turtle laying eggs, Uakari monkey, uakari monkeys eating turtle eggs, baby red-headed turtle hatching, underwater baby turtle swimming, underwater pipefish, jawfish, underwater coral, coral sand beach, ECU sand grains, National Geographic
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