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Hidden Worlds: Poison Dart Frogs
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Hidden Worlds: Poison Dart Frogs
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Duration 26 mins 34 secs. The life cycle and behaviour of poison dart frogs on Bocas del Toro islands, with a scientist who studies them. Tropical beach, island, red spotted frog, leaf, green spotted frog, man observing frog, red frog, yellow spotted frog, tadpole on frog's back, man collecting frogs, aerials islands, Bocas del Toro islands, coconut palms, jungle, agouti, hunting hawk, Honduran white bat, vine snake, tree snake, green frog, scorpion, ants eating cricket, toucan, camouflage, leaf katydid, Red Eyed Leaf Frog, spider silhouette, wolf spider, poison dart frogs, gumboots, strawberry poison-dart frog, Dendrobates pumilio, dragonfly, arnole lizard, orange spotted frog, various brightly-coloured frogs, blue frog, man measuring frog, terrarium, people feeding fruit flies to frog, scientist searching leaf litter, frog eating ants, leafcutter ants, rainfall, downpour, rain falling, raindrops, man walking with torch, night, red-eyed tree frog, frog silhouette, brown treefrogs, inflated throat, spawning, frog's eggs, man wearing head light, frogs mating, cat-eyed snake, tadpole development, ECU frog eggs, bromeliad, epiphyte, male frogs fighting, frogs calling, female poison frog carrying tadpole on back, depositing tadpole in pool, metamorphosis, rainforest, banana plantation, coconut husks, National Geographic
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