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Hidden Worlds: Nature's Cheats
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Hidden Worlds: Nature's Cheats
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. One of 15 episodes, Duration 26 mins 33 secs. This documentary follows creatures around the world that have evolved techniques for survival which are immoral according to human standards, Elks sparring, Springbok fighting, Elephant Seal Bull and female, Meerkat with young, Canada geese with goslings, Gibbons grooming, Lion and lioness, Rhinoceros beetles fight, Ruff birds displaying, mating, Male Natterjack toads calling, mating, Bufo calamita, Bitterlings lay eggs in mussels, harchlings come out of mussels, Bomber Fly hovering, Lays eggs in scrubland bee burrow, Fly maggot on bee larvae, Bomber Fly young emerges from burrow, Blue butterfly caterpillar pulled into nest by ant, chrysalis, pupae, Blue butterfly emerges, Reeds, Reed Warbler brooding eggs, Cuckoo, Cuckoo takes warbler eggs out and lays own, Cuckoo chick in nest pushes warbler eggs out, Reed Warbler feeds big cuckoo chick, Frigate Bird colony, Boobies, Frigate birds steal food from Boobies, Nephila spider on web feeding on butterfly, Argyrodes Spider sneaks in and feeds alongside, Long Tailed Hermit Hummingbird and lily, Paper Wasp drinks from leaf hoppers, milking, Milinea caterpillar, Milinea butterfly, Mimic butterfly, Hoverfly, Fly with spider pattern, Nymphalid butterfly wiggles false antenae, Hog nosed snake dance, Indigo snake, Lily trotter on nest, water snake, Lily Trotter display, Alligator snapping turtle, tongue wriggling, Bluegill sunfish, Turtle snaps, catching fish, Crab spider catches fly, Bee attempting to mate flower,
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