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The Living Edens: Tasmania - Land of the Devils
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The Living Edens: Tasmania - Land of the Devils
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. Dur 51 mins, 18 secs. Four seasons in Tasmania, showing its unique environments and wildlife. Female Eastern quoll, sniffing, emerging from den, walking in snow, entering den, protecting young from snake, courtship, male eastern quoll, mosquito on nose, catching and eating skink, baby eastern quolls, inside den, emerging from den in Spring, grooming, running, Tiger snake, flicking tongue, slithering to quoll den, moving away from cam, drinking from stream, courtship, mating, Wombat, walking in snow, walking on icy pond, falling in water, drinking, White breasted sea eagle, flying over snowy mountains, flying against blue sky, hunting, catching fish in river, perching, eating fish, taking off from ground, Echidna, foraging in snow, scratching, foraging in summer, digging, Potoroo, Potorous longip, shivering, in snow, foraging, eating fruit, Tasmanian blue tongue lizard, flicking out tongue, going under leaf litter, hibernating, emerging from leaf litter, eating fruit, Tasmanian devil, carrying babies on back, inside den, nursing babies, stealing prey from quoll, eating dead joey, fighting over prey, courtship, baby Tasmanian devil, calling, suckling, emerging from den, playing, exploring, sleeping on mother's back, Pademelon wallaby, grooming, grazing, joey in pouch, joey killed by tiger quoll, cormorants, black swans flying low, floating, mist rising, Tiger quoll, foraging, attacking and killing dove, eating dove, climbing trees, killing and eating Pademelon wallaby joey, kangaroos, grazing, scratching, grooming, suckling, gannets, flying, greeting, gannet chicks, pecking, Shy albatross, flying, landing, albatross chick on nest, feeding chick, chicks flapping wings, taking off, Sulphur crested cockatoos, perching, feeding young, giant crayfish fighting, aerial rocky coastline, crashing waves, alpine vegetation, ice chunks, snow gums, winter, aerial over snow-covered peaks, Du Cane Range, icicles, rainforest, waterfalls, river, rapids, rock pillar in sea, Spring, timelapse clouds, steam rising from frosty vegetation, water dripping from leaves, aerial over forest, steep peaks and valleys, Great Ravine, Franklin River, aerials rocky mountains in summer, buttongrass plains, Pedra Branca Island, Albatross Island, rocky shore, aerials over calm river, changing seasons, aerial above clouds, National Geographic
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