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The Living Edens: Kamchatka
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The Living Edens: Kamchatka
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. One of 25 episodes. Duration 53 mins 27 secs. Follows the wildlife through the seasons on Russia's most remote Siberian outpost: the Kamchatka Peninsula. Aerials Kamchatka peninsula, underwater sockeye salmon, migration, river, aerials rivers, underwater brown bear hunting salmon, brown bear hunting in river, brown bear eating salmon, female salmon making nest underwater, spawning, salmon eggs, sockeye salmon dying, timelapse clouds, dead salmon, snow fall, icicles, water dripping, snow-covered mountains, Steller's sea eagle, Steller's sea eagles fighting, hunting, scavenging, volcano, smoking volcano, melting ice, avalanche, brown bear cubs, The Valley of the Geysers, hot springs, steam, geysers, wildflowers, snow sheep grazing, snow sheep on rocks beside sea, bears foraging on beach, seals, sea otters, raft of sea otters, underwater bubbles, orca fin, fish washing up on beach, tufted puffins, puffin with fish in beak, puffin egg in nest, Northern fur seals, Northern fur seals fighting, Russian arctic fox, Russian arctic fox cubs, arctic fox scavenging in seal colony, fur seal pups, fur seal bull attacking pup, dead seal pups, arctic fox scavenging dead seals, seals calling, seal pup suckling, seagulls, kittiwakes, adult feeding puffin chick, Steller's sea eagle carrying food to nest, raven harassing young sea eagle, bear cubs suckling, bear body postures, bear cub climbing tree, injured bear cub, volcano erupting, sunset, Enhydra lutris lutris, National Geographic
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