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The Living Edens: Kakadu, Australia's ancient wilderness
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The Living Edens: Kakadu, Australia's ancient wilderness
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. One of 25 episodes. Duration 53 minutes 27 seconds. This documentary follows the flora and fauna of Kakadu over 6 seasons. Aerial sandstone canyons, waterfalls, winding river, Salt water crocodile swimming, fighting, dark clouds building, monsoon clouds, raindrops on water surface, female crocodile near nest mound, Frilled Lizards fighting, Agile Wallabies, rainclouds, heavy rain, Wallabies in heavy rain, rain flows down rocky hill slope, aerial waterfalls down sandstone escarpment, rapids, Green ants float on leaves downstream, flooded river, Blue tongued lizard swimming, Dusky rat on tree, Water Python on tree branch, Dusky rat eating grasshopper, Mangrove Heron, Crocodile nest washed away, ants swarm over nest, Terns, Iguana, Lightning over crocodile nest, sun shines, waterbird flocks fly in front of sun, U/W shot of small fish, Royal Spoonbill, small fish swarm, Waterbirds feeding on fish, heron, egret, aerial flocks of waterbirds swim over swamp, Magpie Geese, lilypad swamps, dragonfly, Magpie Geese mating, Jacana, Salt water croc reaches shore at night, climbs out, mother crocodile digs out nest and frees the new born young from nest, crocodile eggs hatching, mother carries new born crocodiles to water, young crocodile hunt and eat small fish, insect, Sun above river lined with trees, Male magpie geese calling, brooding egg, crocodile young with mother, mother magpie goose with young gosling, magpie geese goslings feed underwater, butterfly above water, Rainbow Lorikeets, Young wallaby puts head outside mothers pouch, Archer fish spits at insect on grass and eats it, young salt water crocodiles fight, underwater shots of young crocodile watched by Barramundi, strikes and eats it, Adult croc thrashes Barramundi and eats it, Black necked stork kills fish, Magpie Goose feeds young, Salt water crocodile underwtaer watches goslings, Kangaroo, joey playing, Kangaroos lie down on ground,yawning, Kangaroo with young in pouch, Dingo chasing Geese, magpie geese drinking, Crocodile eating goose, White breasted sea eagle hunt, White breasted sea eagle nest with chick, eaglet, Whistling Kites steal fish from Australian Crane, Australian Cranes dance, dry cracked land, bush fire, full moon hazy behind fumes, trees fall, ants swarm, aerial over dry land, crocodile dead, crococodiles fight, Mudskipper, lightning over Kakadu, National Geographic
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