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The Living Edens: Palau - Paradise of the Pacific
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The Living Edens: Palau - Paradise of the Pacific
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. One of 25 episodes. Duration 53 mins 25 secs. Palau is a place where the sea hides a treasure of living riches, in the reefs' shadows, life seeks shelter from the open water. Aerials Palau archipelago, islands, rock archway over water, rock formation, aerial over reef to water, school of blue fish, staghorn coral, islands and sea at night, underwater night coral reef, white tip reef shark, cuttlefish, lionfish, orange soft coral, soft coral tentacles, dawn over islands, dawn sky, mushroom rock formations, limestone reef, underwater blue cavern, blue hole, schools of fish, barracuda, grey reef shark, Moorish Idols, reef sharks hunting, underwater plankton, Garden eel, garden of Garden eels feeding on plankton, Manta ray, mackeral, moon jellyfish, sunlight through water, coral reef, tropical fish, wave, mudskipper, heron, fiddler crabs digging out burrows, waving claws, timelapse tides, boy poling bamboo raft, picking up sea cucumber, squirting sticky sea cucumber strands onto foot, boy spear hunting in sea, spear, underwater caves, stalagtites, diver, torch, saltwater lakes, saltwater crocodile, green lizard, mangrove roots, mangrove forest, jellyfish lake, mass of jellyfish, fish attacking jellyfish, sea anemone catching and digesting jellyfish, sunset, boy lands raft, moon above water, night, tunicate, moray eel, shrimp, ass's ear abalone, fire urchin, decorator crab, pencil lead urchin, nudibranch, sea slug, brittle star, crown of thorns starfish, tube feet, hermit crab, cone shell, conch snail, sea cucumber feeding on sea floor, spanish dancer nudibranch, lionfish fins, lionfish herding small fish, waves, black noddy, banded sea snake, monsoon, rainfall, peacock flounder, camouflage, peacock flounders mating, remora, wrasse cleaning larger fish, wrasse cleaning inside shark's mouth, butterfly fish, triggerfish, triggerfish egg nest, triggerfish fighting, noddy birds fishing, cuttlefish eggs hatching, parrotfish, mucous bag, various fish sleeping, goatfish, sunrise, National Geographic
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