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The Living Edens: Glacier Bay
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The Living Edens: Glacier Bay
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. One of 25 episodes. Duration 53 mins 27 secs. Follows the annual life cycle and chronicles the lives of brown bears, bald eagles, humpback whales and other species. Nearly all life here is ultimately tied to the salmon, and the migration of these fish provides the thread that weaves together the fabric of life in this story. Glacier Bay, glacier, snowfall, snow, wolf, bald eagle, timelapse clouds, seasons, full moon, river, forest, timelapse season change, aerials snowy mountain tops, eagle POV aerial glacier, ice, ice chunks falling from glacier, herrings, spawning, bald eagle hunting, catching herring, underwater herring swimming, brown bear, eating ant colony in rotten log, water drops, ice melt, melt water, ice field, mirror reflection lake and mountains, salmon eggs, timelapse salmon eggs developing, bald eagle nest, timelapse chunks of ice falling from glacier into sea, calving, growlers, timelapse tides low and high, terns, underwater ice, harbour seal, newborn seal pup, afterbirth, seagull, crow, seal swimming, wave, seal pup suckling, wild flowers, bald eagle chick, parent feeding bald eagle chick, salmon, underwater salmon fry, salmon fry catching, eating insects, underwater brown bear hunting, slomo bear shaking off water, rainfall, rain, rainbow, sedge flats, brown bears eating grass, bear cubs, brown bears mating, sea otter, mink eating mussels, black oystercatchers foraging on beach, bear digging clams, oystercatcher eggs, Sea lion colony, underwater young salmon, underwater Sea lion chasing salmon, humpback whale, breaching, diving, underwater bubbles rising, bubble net, humpback whales feeding on herring, timelapse sunset, aurora borealis, northern lights, timelapse dawn, salmon swimming upriver, migration, salmon jumping, timelapse tide rising, brown bears hunting salmon in river, bear cubs fighting over salmon, bald eagle chick exercising wings, underwater sockeye salmon, wolf hunting salmon, injured salmon, female salmon excavating nest, male salmon fighting, Bonaparte's gull, gulls eating salmon eggs, salmon spawning, underwater dying salmon, dead salmon, bald eagle eating salmon, National Geographic
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