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The Living Edens: Costa Rica - Land of Pure Life
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The Living Edens: Costa Rica - Land of Pure Life
The full programme is available for viewing by requesting clip. Some footage may be subject to third party restrictions. One of 25 episodes.Duration 53 mins 27 secs. The rain forests, rivers and white sand beaches of Costa Rica are home to one of the most diverse assemblages of life on Earth. Aerial Costa Rica coast, waves, beach, Olive Ridleys Sea Turtle, migration, arribada, Fiddler crab, coati, sand nest, laying eggs, turtle egg, black vulture, scavenger, Woodstork, baby coati, mangrove forest estuary, crocodile, blue heron, egret hunting, catching fish, crocodile courtship, mating, blowing bubbles, birds drinking, Capuchin monkey, forager, fruit, palm tree, rainforest, squirrel, nut, predation, baby squirrel, meat, blue crab, Ctenosaur lizard, katydid, army ants, swarm, scorpion, acacia tree, thorns, acacia ants, nectar-secreting glands, symbiosis, grasshopper, poison dart frog, sunset, full moon, night, morpho larvae caterpillar, Zebra larvae, Halloween larvae, Capuchino larvae, bats flying slomo, banana flower, nectar, short-tailed leafnosed bat, pollen, fallen fruit, blue morpho chrysalis, cocoon, blue morpho butterfly, orange butterfly, Cordillera, aerial mountains, volcano, Arenal, molten boulders, eruption, boulder field, lichen, cloud forest, Three-wattled bellbird, timelapse fog, mist, hummingbird, Quetzal, cavity nest, hummingbird chicks, fig tree, fruit, Golden-browed chlorophonia, Blue-grey tanager, Yellow-throated euphonia, Scarlet tanager, rat, boa constrictor, suffocation, howler monkey, Yellow cortez blossom, green tree snake, Hercules beetle, leafcutter ants, ant colony, squirrel monkey, giant red-winged grasshopper, young squirrel monkeys playing, timelapse clouds, rainfall, turtle eating fruit, water drops from leaves, underwater crocodile swimming, young crocodile hunting fish, timelapse tides, black vulture, black vulture chicks feeding, baby turtles hatching, crab catching baby turtle, vulture eating baby turtle, woodstork eating baby turtle, waves, underwater baby turtle swimming, National Geographic
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